The SpecGroup, Inc provides computer generated Specifications which detail all listed and approved manufacturers on an item by item, "apples to apples" basis. You, or your client, select the manufacturers, supply some other data and our computerized program does the rest. The time involved to generate a specification is now a matter of hours as opposed to days or week(s).
     A typical specification includes:
  •  Customized Preambles
  • Comprehensive Schedules for each opening
  • Coordination notices for all trades
  • Electronic elevations/riser diagrams
  • Summaries and reports for management ( for budgets, schedules, submitted reviews, etc.)
Your benefits ....
  • Delivers current, comprehensive, accurate specification preambles and schedules.
  • Significantly reduces the time and dollar investment required by using a computerized program that eliminates manual operations and extensive research.
  • Professionally printed in one of several popular formats.
  • Helps eliminate errors of omission and change orders.
  • Requires bidders to submit bids on an "apples-to-apples" basis.
  • A value-added service supported by your local, recognized, service-oriented hardware distributor.
  • With required delivery schedules a consideration, Spec Group offers a broad range of top-quality products to satisfy today's major code and design requirements.
  • The Spec Group delivers clear, consistent, concise, easy-to-understand, tested specifications-building after building.






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